Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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How many tickets do we need for a group discounts and are discounts valid at each performance ?

Group discounts are available for ALADDIN (groups of 10+) and THE LION KING (groups of 10+) when guests attend the same performance. It can vary, but generally this is valid for Tuesday to Friday evenings and Wednesday matinees outside of holiday periods. Other blackout dates can apply so check for details.

If you are booking a group of 25 or more people to see THE LION KING, ask your group sales advisor if you are eligible for an extra discount, which is available for very select performances.

If you are planning to bring a group to a weekend performance of either THE LION KING or ALADDIN there are no discounts available but you will still be able to purchase tickets through Disney Tickets Group Sales and you will not have to pay any booking fees.

Do I have to pay straight away ?

When you book with Disney Tickets Group Sales you can simply reserve your seats without immediate payment. We will then send you confirmation with the seat details and cost – and you can then send a cheque or pay by credit or debit card or by bank transfer at your convenience before the required date.

Do you charge a fee for paying by card ?

There are no fees if you pay for your seats by card or if you send a cheque in sterling, or if you pay by bank transfer. The only exception is if your bank transfer comes from outside the United Kingdom in which case there is then a £10.00 fee to cover external bank costs.

How long can you reserve the tickets for ?

To ensure you have time to organise your group and collect payments, we can hold your seats for 4 weeks after you reserve them. Under certain special circumstances and for select performances, we may be able to hold them for longer, so please discuss with your group sales advisor.

How will I get the tickets ?

Once your payment has been received and processed we will be ready to post your tickets to you. If you are in the United Kingdom we will send by first class post, or via airmail if you are elsewhere in Europe. If you are outside of Europe your tickets will be held for your collection from the theatre box office on the day of the performance. UK/Europe bookers also have the option to collect from box office if that is more convenient.

What happens if I don’t pay for my tickets on time ?

We want to ensure you have enough time to complete payment for your tickets and on the booking confirmation you will receive you will find a payment due date, along with seat numbers and total payment due. If your payment has not been received on that date your booking will automatically cancel and your seats will be released for sale. If you think it will not be possible to provide total payment by the date required and you would like more time, please contact your group sales advisor.

What happens if people cancel once we have paid ?

Once you have paid for your group tickets, we are not able to refund or exchange them. It is possible that we would try to resell these tickets on your behalf, however and posted tickets must be received back to Disney Tickets Group Sales before this can happen. Naturally there is no guarantee that any tickets will be successfully resold.

If we need extra tickets can we get them ?

Yes, if you should need any extra seats we will try and get then as close the original seats as we can, subject to those tickets being still available. However, we cannot guarantee that these additional tickets would be eligible for the same price or group discount rate. For this reason we recommend when you make your reservation that you reserve the maximum number of tickets you think you might need, in order to ensure the tickets are located as close together as possible and to ensure they are all at the relevant discount.

Is there a dress code for the theatre ?

While there is no set dress code, we would suggest smart casual attire.

What time should we arrive ?

We would suggest you arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the start time so you can find your seats, purchase a souvenir, have a drink in the bars and then get comfortable before the show begins.

What happens if we lose our tickets?

If any tickets or lost, it is simple to supply a replacement ticket as long as you are able to confirm specifically which ticket(s) are lost. To assist this, before you hand out any tickets we would recommend that you note down which seat number you are giving to which of the members of your group – so if any are lost you know specifically which ticket needs to be replaced.

What happens if we arrive and the performance has started?

We are all aware that the best of travel arrangements can go awry, and we will do our best to seat you at a suitable break during the performance, but in some instances this may not be until the interval.

Can we take photographs and meet the cast ?

Regrettably we are unable to do meet and greet with the cast and for security and copyright reasons photography and recording the show is not permitted.

You can however buy a souvenir colour brochure or a theatre programme with the cast photographs in, and are welcome to go the stage door at the end of the performance for autograph hunting.

Groups Education


I am a teacher from a school are there any education discounts for THE LION KING and Aladdin ?

Yes, please contact us for more information. You can use our online enquiry form, email or call +44 (0)20 7845 0949.

We can only go on a Friday evening are there any discounts for schools available?

While there is not an education group rate available for Fridays, for THE LION KING an education group would be eligible for the standard group discount. Please ask for details. There are no group rates available for ALADDIN on Friday evenings.

Do you do educational workshops ?

Yes, we currently offer two styles of educational workshop for THE LION KING. One workshop is based around acting and performance exercises, while the other focuses on music and movement. These can take place in various studios in and around London and take place prior to the Wednesday matinee or Tuesday to Thursday evening. Workshops last for 90 minutes. Workshops are offered on a strictly limited basis, and incur an additional per-pupil rate on top of the ticket price. In addition we allow up to four teachers to attend the workshop. Workshops for ALADDIN are currently in development.

Are there any educational resources ?

Yes, there is a wide range of curriculum-linked resources available for THE LION KING and ALADDIN. You can download materials from the relevant show’s website. In addition there is a one-hour long Behind The Scenes DVD available for THE LION KING, which you will receive when you confirm your booking.

May our pupils eat their lunch in the theatre ?

For your convenience, your pupils are permitted to eat their sandwiches in the theatre, and may enter the theatre 45 minutes prior to the start time of the performance. To assist in clearance of refuse materials the theatre staff will have garbage bags available to help clear away any empty containers. Your pupils must finish eating five minutes prior to the start of the performance to ensure adequate time for clean-up.

Do you do interval refreshments for schools ?

Yes, absolutely. When you make a booking with us we will send you details of ‘School Bundles’ which are available for purchase in advance. Your requirements – including drinks, snacks, ice creams or programmes - are then delivered to your seats at interval.

Are we able to perform THE LION KING in our school ?

Two special versions of THE LION KING have been especially created to be performed in schools. These are called THE LION KING KIDS and THE LION KING JUNIOR. You simply apply via Josef Weinbergers ( for a licence, and will receive a wealth of assets to help you and your school mount a very special performance. A host of other Disney musicals are also available, and are lists on the website.

Can the coach park outside the theatre ?

Unfortunately as both the theatres are located in central London (The Lyceum Theatre in the middle of Covent Garden area and the Prince Edward Theatre in Soho) this is not possible. Coaches are permitted to drop you off and pick up up nearby but the best thing is to check out and click on ‘Plan A Journey’.